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In general, each phase of the cycle step starts with a supply in the chamber 1 of the required quantity of water, as detected in a known way for example by means of a pressure switch.

However, according to a possible implementation of the present invention, the system for adjusting the speed of the motor of the pump 3 can be simplified with respect to the one described above.

Merloni elettrodomestici spa essay is also to be considered that, to prescind from the position of the body 14 and from the "increased" dimensions of the loading openings, a substantial advantage of the invention relates to the fact that the loading and unloading of clothes is however greatly simplified in virtue of the position of the openingsthat are substantially arranged in the upper half of the frontal wall of the cabinet 1 of the machine, in proximity of the superior surface of the latter, and therefore in a position being as ergonomic as possible for a front loading machine.

One or more of said aims are reached, according to the present invention, by a dishwashing machine incorporating the features of the annexed claims, which form an integral part of the present description.

It include Merloni elettrodomestici spa essay the analysis to answer the company's vision, mission and key objectivesand how your suggestions will take the company to next level in achieving Merloni elettrodomestici spa essay goals.

In other words, therefore, according to the present invention, it is possible to actually change one or more characteristics of the liquid flow delivered by each sprayer, so as to perform diversified washing programs for each basket.

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From a rapid examination of the figures it can already be noted how the tub-basket assembly and the openings are substantially raised if compared to a front loading laundry washing machine of the known type.

In other words, in function of the type of crockery contained in both baskets, the machine control system will maintain, during one or more phases being provided by the machine operating cycle, the flow deflector 10 in the closed position of the supply branch 4 of the lower sprayer 5 for a time differing from the time during which the flow deflector 10 is maintained in the closed position of the supply branch 6 of the upper sprayer 7.

These and other aims, that will result in being clear from the following of the description, are reached according to the present invention of a front loading laundry Merloni elettrodomestici spa essay machine, having the features of the enclosed claims. For example, each selector can provide information relating to the following types of crockery: It is also known that, in order to efficiently wash pots and pans or other very dirty crockery, a considerable pressure of the washing liquid is required; consequently, the electric motor actuating the circulation pump should practically operate at its maximum power.

Such loadbearing shock absorbers 25 are elastically fixed between the base 20 and the cabinet 1 of the machine; figure 5 represents Merloni elettrodomestici spa essay different sections a possible embodiment of the anchorage system of the shock absorbers 25 to the cabinet of the machine; in such a figure, with 26 a support element integral to the bottom of the cabinet 1 is shown, that has a through hole 26A of a substantially elliptic section; with 27 a rubber spacer is shown, that has a shank 27A, also of an elliptic section, inserted in the said opening 26A of the support element 26; with 27B the head of the spacer 27 is shown, which rests on the upper surface of the element 26; with 28 and 29 two metallic disks are shown and with 30 a fixing bolt.

The components being required for manufacturing the dishwashing machine according to the present invention have a simple design, high reliability and a low cost, as well as the programming of the machine control system, in this frame it should also be noticed that an excellent method for the compact coding of the instructions being required for the operation of the dishwashing machine according to the present invention is the control technology based on fuzzy logic, by now widely utilized in the consumers' applications field, in particular for household electric appliances.

You are welcome to join the discussion and ask for help or help other players on the comments section. As said above, the treatment of the crockery contained in the basket 8 requires a higher washing power than the previous one, so that the number of revolutions of the motor of the pump 3 must be sufficiently high.

Therefore, selectors 24 and 25 are provided to supply the machine control system with primary information, i. Let us suppose, for instance, that the lower basket 8 contains very dirty pots and pans, whereas the upper basket 9 contains valuable porcelain dishes, and the user has consequently set the selector 24 on the "resistant crockery" position and selector 25 on the "delicate crockery" position.

Reference 3A indicates the suction branch of the above pump, which draws out washing liquid from the sump 2; the pump 3 forces then the washing liquid, through its delivery branch 3B, into an hydraulic circuit comprising a first branch 4 for supplying a lower sprayer 5 and a second branch 6 for supplying an upper sprayer 7; the baskets 8 and 9 rest in a known way over each sprayer.

After loading the glasses in the basket 9 and the pots in the basket 8, the user selects the desired washing program with the knob 22; to do this, the user is eventually aided by the instructions highlighted on the display 26 by the machine control system.

The New Century Begins case study solution. Reference number 8 indicates the washing tub of the machine, within which a basket 9 is mounted in a known way, with a horizontal rotation axis and placed in movement by way of an electric motor visible in 24, figure 4 ; with reference number 10 a dragging element is shown, apt at facilitating the movement of the laundry inside the basket 9; reference number 11 see figure 3 indicates a circular opening present in the frontal wall of the basket 9, reference number 12 indicates an opening present in the frontal wall of the washing tub 8, while reference number 13 indicates an opening present in the frontal wall of the cabinet 1 of the laundry washing machine.

It was renamed Indesit Company S. Step 8 -Implementation Framework The goal of the business case study is not only to identify problems and recommend solutions but also to provide a framework to implement those case study solutions. On the contrary, in order to wash fragile crockery items, such as crystal glasses or porcelains, it is advisable to use a lower pressure than usual, to avoid that the power of the liquid jets from the sprayers may cause damages to the crockery, such as breakage or splitting.

Obviously, nothing hinders the use of other programming techniques, such as the tabular method. Anyway, apart from the liquid temperature and the likely presence of the detergent in the latter, the further phases of the washing cycle will be performed according to the above procedures, i.

Within this general frame, a first aim of the present invention is that of providing a dishwashing machine which allows for the selection of diversified washing powers for the two sprayers. Dishwashing machine, according to claim 5, characterized in that said control means MC provides for controlling said means for changing the flow-rate in function of said information supplied through said selecting means 24,25so that the flow of liquid exiting said first sprayer 5 has a different pressure or power with respect to the flow of liquid exiting the other sprayer 7.

In the preferred, but not exclusive, embodiment of the invention, the washing agents distributor is a type of "pouch" integral with the frontal wall of the washing tub and directly facing the interior of the basket. The present invention refers to a household dishwashing machine. He also led projects of controlling implementation, creation of group performance analysis systems, group treasury reorganization, subsidiaries and productive sites reorganization, debt refinancing and minority shareholders management.

Business case study paragraph by paragraph mapping will help you in organizing the information correctly and provide a clear guide to go back to the case study if you need further information.

A further aim of the present invention is that of providing such a dishwashing machine which, though having a high versatility of use, is easy to use and to program by a user.

A fourth aim of the present invention is that of providing a dishwashing machine in which, in the course of a same operating cycle, the duration of the treatment of the contents of a first basket can be different from the duration of the treatment of the contents of a second basket.

Time line also provides an insight into the progressive challenges the company is facing in the case study. Thus, the liquid sprayed by the upper sprayer 7 will have a first preset pressure and a first preset temperature.

Intelligence also means new technologies aimed at reducing consumption. Front loading laundry washing machine, according to claim 2, characterised in that the balancing masses comprise counterweights 22,23anchored to a base 20 connected to the lower part of the washing tub 8.

Front loading laundry washing machine, according to claim 1, characterised in that the loading door of the machine 4 has a generally vertically compressed shape approximately triangular or elliptical and in particular comprises a frame 5 and a central part 6 shaped towards the interior of the cabinet 1.

Front loading laundry washing machine, according to claim 4, characterised in that also the apertures 12;11 in the frontal part of the tub 8 and of the basket 9 extend to a great extent in the upper half of the cabinet 1 of the machine. Thus, the liquid sprayed by the lower sprayer 5 will have a second preset pressure and a second preset temperature.

Subsequently, the microcontroller MC will stop operation of the pump 3 and control the deflecting device 10 to close the branch 6 supplying the upper sprayer 7; the microcontroller MC will also activate the heating element 11 to bring the washing liquid to a second higher temperature than the previous one, such as 60 DEG C.

In this application, a certain position of the shutter therefore determines simultaneously the liquid flow-rate to be supplied to the branch 4 and the liquid flow-rate to be supplied to the branch 6.

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Dishwashing machine, according to at least one of the previous claims, characterized in that said adjusting means 10 are controlled by said control means MC in function of said information supplied through said selecting means 24, Front loading laundry washing machine, according to claim 1 or 2, characterised in that the aperture 13 in the frontal wall of the cabinet 1 extends to a great extent, and in particular completely, in the upper half of the latter.May 31,  · A front loading laundry washing machine, comprising a cabinet (1), the dimensions of which are in the order of those normally used in front loading washing machines, a washing tub (8) housed within said cabinet (1), a laundry basket(9), arranged in the tub 8) so as to enable its rotation around a substantial horizontal axis, the cabinet (1), the tub (8) and the basket (9) each having an.

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Merloni TermoSanitari (MTS) Group, Experts in Manufacturing and Exporting water heaters and 7 more Products. A Supplier on Merloni Elettrodomestici WASHING MACHINE AND WASHER-DRIER Technical Fitting Manual GB /01 Language Issue/Edition Page 4 LEVELLING To ensure that the washing machine/washer-drier operates properly, it must be set level.

To level the machine, turn the adjusting feet as illustrated in Fig. 3. Fig. 3. Nov 23,  · "We're spending more time learning local details and working them into the advertising," Mr.

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