Contract administration plan essay

Claims Administration — Contested Charges claims, Disputes or appeals are those where buyer and seller cannot agree. However, for large, complex contracts, the responsible UN staff member may require extensive reports, regular progress meetings, formal testing, and technical reviews and audits.

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A disadvantage is that the listeners may not have time during the meeting to consider the information and make their own analyses before the meeting ends.

Creating a project scope management plan that documents how the project scope will be defined verified, controlled. Where quantities of goods are involved, inspection also means verifying that Contract administration plan essay correct number of items has been delivered.

The checklist should specific what to audit and specifically what to inspect with expected results that are in compliance with contract audit standards.

What aspect s of performance should the report address? It is also suggested to take up an award strategy in this period so that management can focus on getting the best value for the lowest prices.

Careful planning and choice of language should reduce the frequency of this situation, but it is still likely to occur in complex construction and services contracts. They are to be expected by all involved and are considered a normal aspect of contract management. Attitude of teamwork, seeking to get the best results from joint efforts, willingness to discuss problems without immediate recourse to recriminations and to make the immediate adjustments that may be necessary to correct problems detected through routine inspection.

Ambiguous language in a contract is interpreted against the party who drafted it. Cost overrun Examples of sources of potential cost overruns are: Interpret the contract as a whole and, wherever possible, consistently.

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Performance tests for labour-intensive services are often done as a random sample. Indirect observation Indirect observation refers to testing, progress reports from many observers, technical reviews, performance indicators and audits. Furthermore, by having employees move step by step through the process the success of the contract is more greatly ensured.

Effective communication Successful contract management is based on an open flow of communication and willingness to take actions necessary for correction and improvement, and is facilitated by: Fixed Price FP is the most common type of contract in the world.

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One important thing in the contract administration plan is that it needs to be made clear in regards who within the company should receive notice of the contractual or technical difficulties encountered during the process.

Compare and contrast essay words Compare and contrast essay words. It is important that all parties keep in mind that the written contract is the agreement, until it has been formally modified — such modification is not simply a formality.

Receipt, inspection and acceptance procedures Inspection involves examining or testing a product or service to ensure that it conforms to contract requirements.

Contract Administration Best Practices

This essay will explain how important it is to have technical and other support of personnel, the importance of surveillance, and to determine what functions need to be delegated, identify qualified personnel as well as authorized, it is necessary for the Contracting officer to be represented in administering contract requirements.

If resolution is not evident, consider circumstantial evidence. Once you begin final discussions with the contractor selected it is important to Obtain independent cost estimates from them as well.

Any items that do not conform to appropriate standards should not be accepted.Overessays, research papers, and term papers available at Get help on your essay writing today. Risk Management in EPC Contract - Risk Identification Rahul Bali1 and Prof M.R Apte2 1 M. E Civil [C & M] MIT College, Pune.

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Essay on contract administration plan

Abstract: In this paper, we discuss the major risks identified in an EPC Contract which may affect the project. Essay on contract administration plan.

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contract administration plan

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Contract administration plan essay
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