College welcome ceremony speech

Think about the common interest everybody shares - their reason for coming together at the event. We welcome new leaders as well: In Act Two, he starts to focus, sets his sights on music or poetry or some other passion, and selects a mentor.

I would also like to welcome all the parents who have continuously supported us in our endeavour to spread the light of true knowledge. It is my privilege and pleasure to welcome all of you here on the auspicious day of our school completing its 25 years and celebrating its Silver Jubilee function.

It is inevitable that Orpheus must look back. Lilian Ngobi was awarded the Arjun V. You will treasure this day, and the memories of your senior year for the rest of your life.

McGowan Charitable Fund to create a select community of highly talented, emerging business leaders who are dedicated to ethical leadership, community building and show an interest in public service. Of course, your generation faces many challenges.

As you continue to College welcome ceremony speech and to change, reflect on the times when you stumbled and even failed. Even as economic conditions gradually improve, we have much work to do to assure our long-term financial strength.

We mourn his loss together with all his friends in the graduating class. We want all children, regardless of race, creed or circumstance to achieve their full potential. But the underworld gods who succumb to his music establish one condition for the safe return of his lover to the land of the living: It is a matter of great honour and pleasure to appreciate and reward the hard work as well as performance of the students of tenth standard in their board exams.

Commencement Speech

Surely cautioning you against looking back at the beloved is not the right message for you to receive on this day of leave-takings. And to evolve to meet the demands of these changing times. We rejoice for the joy of our people and we mourn for their grief.

From this very place, let our lives be a living testimony to His honor. Participation in sports can help build self-esteem, confidence and can motivate children to excel academically and can help build their social skills. A huge congratulations to all the finalists, you have definitely set a very admiring benchmark for other sports persons of this institution to imitate.

One more absence today is a missing member of the Class ofAndrei Buryachenko. Her efforts need no introduction. All of this actually happened within the space of six months.

Office of the President

With the training you have received, may God make you into His true and faithful witnesses. Now go, and find your own calling. This is why investment earnings on a gift made years ago to support Medical School professorships cannot be spent to renovate Houses in the College.

We were formed from the merger of two colleges that came out from our local Evangelical core: We hope that you will continue to achieve brilliance in your respective sports career and in other spheres too.

Also, I would like to address those students who have not won any prize and say that do not lose hope as this is not the end of everything and there will be many more opportunities coming your way to prove your mettle. I take particular pleasure from the theatrical aspects of our magnificent gathering:Welcome speech for chief guest is the speech given by student, teacher, principal or a host at any event organized in the school, college or university to welcome the honourable chief guest.

Here we have provided six welcome speeches for chief guest for various events like award ceremony, annual day, Independence Day, etc. Opening and Welcome Speech Mrs Werawan Tangkeo It gives me a great pleasure to welcome all of you and chair the Opening Ceremony this morning to the “Advanced Workshop: Review of Drug Development in Clinical Trials” jointly.

Understanding the function of a welcome speech. Before you write it's a really good idea to have a handle on what a welcome speech does, or its functions.

Welcome Speech for Award Ceremony

I am Fernan Yabres, class first honorable mention, and I am honored to have the opportunity to speak today. First of all on behalf of the entire batch ofI would like to welcome you to the graduation ceremony of batch 5/5(50).

Initially you start with the pleasantries since, it is a welcome speech. If you are a student, talk about how you all got to the college/University, the experiences (but keep it short), and how the college/University brought a difference to your life and how it would have been incomplete if not for the students.

Welcome address (School people leader’s welcome speech on 40th Anniversary Inauguration Ceremony dated 26th February ) Dear Guest of Honor, Brother .

College welcome ceremony speech
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