30 desi ways to be eco friendly

Collect them in a covered box, introduce a few worms, and soon, you will be making your own, all natural compost! You can eat it too! Craigslist is a good place to start. Whiten with banana peels! Plan a sundowner and let them enjoy a drink or two as the sun sets and the city lights up.

The Environmentally Friendly Community In the environmentally friendly community there is more than just a good recycling program in place. Use Biodegradable Plates for Prasad Now that you have got Lord Ganesh at home, you are sure to have people coming in to pay their visit and seek his blessings.

30 desi ways to go eco-friendly

You can choose questions about the history of the festival, its significance in different religions and even about how different parts of India celebrate the festival. Pay all your bills online. Is it simply recycling your waste or growing your own food?

The filter effectively strips water of microorganisms, soluble iron, and certain heavy metals.

Kerala Floods: Desi, eco-friendly water purifiers come handy at relief camps

Shop What is Being Environmentally Friendly? No artificial anything there! Reducing the wastage of water at office is another eco friendly idea. Stone grinding instead of electric mixers Grinding chutney, batter and powders in a stone grinder provides excellent exercise 9. It reduces the amount of garbage that goes to the landfills which pollutes the air.

This is why I started. Cost is a very valid concern, even for those who do care. The result is much more flavorful and healthy! Geared towards the residential market, the firm also does all weaving and water-based printing locally, slashing its carbon footprint and keeping energy consumption low.

Shut off and unplug. It is not only convenient but also helps the roads remain traffic free. Shikakai powder instead of shampoos Chemicals and foaming agents in shampoos are harmful to your hair and scalp in the long run, and the residue is also harmful to the soil. How about painting your hands with henna?

Did you know sparrows are vanishing from Bengaluru? Apart from cleaning the wells, clearing out the e-waste, the residents are now faced with severe drinking water crisis due to contamination of wells and damaged pumping stations in flood-hit areas.

Do make sure to pray for peace and prosperity for all! Select the 10 best dressed employees and have an impromptu fashion show in office. Or if you have time on your hands and are inclined towards innovation, get hold of coconut shells and make an idol using the same.

Environment friendly cleaning products are made up of eco-friendly chemicals that are biodegradable and nontoxic. Tamarind and rock salt and ash from your fire place make excellent scrubbers for even the tough and greasy stains.

Ecosystems instead of manicured lawns lawns in front of their houses, precious insect and bird habitats are disturbed and are even going extinct.There are many ways for being environment-friendly at office.

Refer the article to know the Eco friendly ideas for the office. Recycling, decreasing energy output and reusing items in place of throwing them in the waste are included in “Going green” concept.

There are plenty of ways to treat your mom without digging into your rent money. Modern Wooden Floor Lamp Adjustable Head Only For Office Study RoomClassic Wood Style Floor-LampSimple and fashionable desi gn made using eco-friendly wooden materials with a faint, LLC $ $ CB2.

Solis Globe Floor Lamp by CB2 $ at CB2. Go Green with Eco-Friendly Hand Dryers. Environment friendly hand dryers are the sensible, sustainable choice in today’s palmolive2day.com by doing business with Allied, you can enjoy all the benefits they offer at prices that can’t be beat.

30 desi ways to go eco-friendly Who ever said Indians didn't know how to live sustainably? Here are 30 desi eco-friendly alternatives to everyday products we use.

30 Desi Ways To Go Eco-Friendly Who ever said Indians didn’t know how to live sustainably? Here are 30 desi eco-friendly alternatives to everyday products we use. 30 desi ways to go eco-friendly.

October 29, by Gaurav Gurjar Leave a comment. Sustainability, eco friendly, go green may sound like new slogans of India, but as far as an eco friendly lifestyle goes, most of the traditional Indian ways serve as a model example!

Each region in India has its own set of eco-friendly habits.

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30 desi ways to be eco friendly
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